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Funding your French company

Factoring in France: another way to fund your company

When running your company, the most important thing to fund is your WCR (Working Capital Requirement). Basically, this refers to all the expenses you absolutely need to pay to get your activity going (you can’t sell products if you can’t buy the materials to make them, for example).

Money to fund company

All the ways you could fund your business in France

There are 3 main categories when it comes to raising money for your company:
Start-up capital (the equity of your company on the day it is created), Fundraising (finding people or companies to invest in your business in order to build up your equity. As such, this does not concern you if you create a sole proprietorship and Borrowing (it’s what allows you to meet the expectations of your funding plan if your equity isn’t enough)

Guarantee institution loan

Guarantee institutions: how they allow you to get a loan in France

Do you want to get a bank to grant you a loan for your business creation project? In France, regulation can make banks very reluctant to grant loans, so that can be very difficult without any help. Thankfully though, in these cases, guarantee institutions can be life-savers.

Funding for start-ups in France

In France, most start-ups rely on Public Funding

Business angels are the best private investors of French start-ups. This is one of the pieces of information one can get from reading the latest study of the French incubator Belle de Mai. However, public funding in France is proving to be very effective.

Trying to increase business credibility

How to be more credible when talking to investors?

Most entrepreneurs will want to contact investors to be able to get their company going. However, these investors are very unlikely to assist in any way if they don’t find the company trustworthy.

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