Starting 2019 new funding will be available for ALL French entrepreneurs, including YOU

Funding for French entrepreneurs

The ACCRE, which stands for “l’Aide au Chômeur Créateur ou Repreneur d’Entreprise” (Aid for the unemployed company creator) is a device set up by the French government, to help the unemployed create a company. However, starting from January 1st 2019, any company creator who receives revenue will be able to benefit from it. Its name will be changed to “exoneration for starting the activity of creating or buying a company” as a result.

What exactly does the ACCRE do?

It allows entrepreneurs to get tax credits on their contributions for social security. The exact formula for this tax credit is somewhat complicated, so it won’t be detailed here. However, in 2018, you could be completely exempt from contributions as long as you gained less than 29 799€ a year.

As such, it can allow company creators to save quite a bit of money!