In France, most start-ups rely on Public Funding

Start-up funding for French companies

Business angels are the best private investors of French start-ups. This is one of the pieces of information one can get from reading the latest study of the French incubator Belle de Mai. However, public funding in France is proving to be very effective.

Public funding

While over half of French companies are mainly financed from private sources, start-ups seem to prefer going for public funding: 70.7% of French start-ups made use of it. It’s no surprise. After all, tax credits for innovation concern two-thirds of companies, and the amount you get out of it can go from 20 000 € to 300 000 €.

Private funding

This doesn’t mean that private investment in France is lacking, however! In 2017, business angels alone had raised over 67 million euros for the development of French start-ups.

As such, it appears that if you’re creating a company in France, then it is certainly worth it to try to get some public funding. You don’t need to get the recognition of the most renowned business angel in the country to get your company started, though it certainly helps.