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We are a team of international business experts dedicated to setting up your business in France, on time, on budget and to all of your requirements.
Since 2010, we have set up hundreds of businesses in France; helping entrepreneurs from across the world achieve their objectives.
Our English speaking team are on hand to remove any obstacle during your French company registration.  After all, setting up companies in France is what we do on a daily basis.
Every inquiry we receive at Companow is different and with it, comes its own set of unique challenges.  Yet, I am most proud that our team continues to not only deliver what our Clients require but, to exceed their expectations. See below how your team in France can help you set up your business.
Whatever your registration requirements are in France, speak to Companow first!

Alain Darribau
CEO, Companow

Our Team

International Business Experts
Since 2010, we have helped several hundreds of entrepreneurs from most countries worldwide bringing their project to fruition in France. Setting up companies is what we do on a daily basis and all of our experts are very proud to recognize YOU as a unique entrepreneur. Understand your business objective, finding together ways to set up and expand your business are our core competencies.

Business Concierges
Taking your business global is an exciting and dynamic process, which can sometimes be daunting because of the mastering of the French language. Our experts are committed to being the forefront of your business and can ensure that customers and partners legitimately view your business as a local one.

Accounting & Tax Experts
Appointed a Chartered Accountant is critical for businesses in France. We are working with dedicated and professional Chartered Accountants. They will take on the heavy lifting of all different aspects of your business, by dealing with all governmental bodies in France. They offer a wide range tailored services for international clients and will interact with you in English. Our expertise include accounting, social legislation, labor law, tax legislation, international tax laws, etc.

Immigration Experts
We have a broad experience in dealing with all French consulate and embassy worldwide. But also understanding of cultural nuances. This expertise is highly appreciated by the international companies, clients of Companow. We also understand the needs of an expatriate arriving in France developing services to assist international companies with the immigration procedures in France

Trade Mark Experts
Our Trade Mark attorney has been a specialist in Trade Mark for more than 20 years. He is highly qualified to advise our clients and make sure no stone is left unturned. He provides legal support from start to finish.
He will insure that you successfully protect the identity and integrity of your brands and logos.  Intellectual property issues, such as copyright, registered designs and licensing are also part of his expertise.

Hiring staff
Our staffing expert has worked more than 15 years in Human Resources and is passionate to help French businesses finding the right resources, right contract form to perform the missions you are looking for talented skills.

Real Estate & Office Space Experts
Need office space? Companow is also able to help you search, negotiate and sign lease or buy offices, warehouse or private properties. Our real estate network cover all cities in France.

Investments Experts
Our clients are quite often looking for private banking and wealth management services. We partner with private banks able to develop with you investment strategies in Europe and most countries worldwide.

Our offices

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Our key services

Company creation

We form your French company ready to trade in one to two weeks.

Local banking

We will make arrangements to open your French business bank account.


We provide assistance with your book keeping, tax returns, and reports.

Virtual office

So you don’t have to rent expensive physical office space in France.


Let us manage your Trademark Registration process.

Visa services

We have helped hundreds of clients from over 90 countries to get their visa.

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