Make them pay: how to get paid by your clients even as a small company in France

Receive payments from your clients

It’s very important for small companies to get their clients to pay them, even when it’s small amounts of money. Indeed, it’s common for companies to struggle because of a lack of cash!

Thankfully though, French businesses now have a special procedure to collect “small debts” from their clients, whenever this debt is less than 4000 €! But how does it work?

Contact a judicial officer

You need to start by contacting a judicial officer in the department of your clients.

The judicial officer then sends a letter to the client

They send a registered letter to the client, which means you can know precisely when they receive the letter. And when they do, the client automatically has one month to accept or refuse this procedure (if no answer is given, it counts as a refusal)

If the client refuses

By taking this matter before a judge, you can obtain an enforcement order. Basically, this means that your client is now forced to pay you within a certain amount of time, or his personal assets will be seized.

If the client accepts

The judicial officer will then reach an agreement with the client to define when they’ll have to pay, and you can immediately get an enforcement order to make sure they comply.

As such, not only is this procedure relatively fast, it’s also cheap and simple, especially since the judicial officer does most of the work!