Subsidies and tax credits for company creators in France

Subsidies and tax credits for French companies

Do you want to create a company, hire employees, or innovate? Chances are, France can grant you subsidies or tax credits! These are just a few of those you could have access to as of 2018!

  • The CICE, or “Crédit d’impôt compétitivité” (Tax Credit for Competitiveness)

Any company that is taxed on its profits and has employees can benefit from a tax credit of 6% on employee fees.

  • The CIR, or “Crédit d’impôt recherche” (Tax Credit for Research)

If you’re spending money on Research and development or on innovation, you can have a tax credit of up to 30% of your investments!

  • The CII, or “Crédit impôt innovation” (Tax Credit for Innovation)

You can get this on top of the CIR! However, this one is exclusive to SMEs, and go up to 20% of a company’s spending (with 400 000€ as the maximum).

  • The “Crédit Impôt Apprentissage” (Tax Credit for Apprenticeship)

This one concerns any company that has employees with an apprenticeship contract. You can get a tax credit of either 1 600€, 2 200€ per apprentice. If you’re a small company, it could even go up to 4 400€!

  • European Funding

The European Union can fund any project that conforms to the logic of development of the EU. It could be a research laboratory just like it could a regular company.

These are just a few of the ones you can get! There’s a tax credit for the formation of your legal representative, a tax credit for artistic activities, a tax credit for restaurants… There’s even a tax credit for the creation of a video-game company!