How to be more credible when talking to investors?

Increase credibility with business investors

Most entrepreneurs will want to contact investors to be able to get their company going. However, these investors are very unlikely to assist in any way if they don’t find the company trustworthy. As such, it’s very important for a business to build up its credibility, and there are quite a few ways win which it could do that.

1- Offering guarantees

By offering a guarantee to clients, investors or partners, you make them inclined to believe that you are trustworthy.

2- Setting up a quality charter for your company

By setting up a quality charter, not only can you ensure that your products have a certain standard, but you also reassure your investors that you know what you’re doing.

3- Making use of the credibility of your existing partners or investors

If you’ve already got a few investors and partners, then it might be worth making use of their credibility to get even more. This works especially well if they have a good reputation, as being backed by them will automatically give you a boost.

4- Being part of a network, federation, or label

The effect is basically the same as in the previous case, except you don’t already have to be backed by an investor or partner. If you can take part in a network, especially a well-known one, you’ll be able to get much more recognition very fast.

5- Increasing the capital, or equity, of your company

By increasing your capital, you effectively increase the resources of your company. As such, investors are likely to believe that there’s less chance of you running out of cash, and that you’ll have an easier time paying them back if you do.