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French Real Estate

The French Real Estate Contribution: How to pay as little as possible

The CFE, which stands for “Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises”, is the Real Estate Contribution. Basically, any company or individual that has a non-salaried activity has to pay this tax. As its name implies, this tax is calculated based on the value of your real estate assets.

Head offices in France

How to choose the head office address of your French company?

The head office functions both as a company’s business address and legal residence. As such, it’s incredibly important to pay attention to it: depending on the prestige of the address, it can be an effective marketing tool and can have an enormous impact on the brand of the company. So what should you do? Let’s discuss the different options available to you:

New business head office

How a prestigious address can change the face of your business in France

In France, if you’re creating a company, then it’s absolutely mandatory for your company to have a business address. Thankfully, you’ve got quite a few options at your disposal (if you want to learn more about them, you should check out How to choose your head office address).

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