How to choose the head office address of your French company?

Choosing your French company’s head office

The head office functions both as a company’s business address and legal residence. As such, it’s incredibly important to pay attention to it: depending on the prestige of the address, it can be an effective marketing tool and can have an enormous impact on the brand of the company. So what should you do? Let’s discuss the different options available to you:

Having the address of the head office be your home

Many choose this option, if only because it is both the simplest and the cheapest. However, it does come with quite a bit of problems: the landlord has to agree, for example. There’s also the fact that it pretty much becomes mandatory to get insurance against theft of property damage.
Not to mention, it blurs the line between private life and professional life.

And, of course, this option obviously isn’t available to you if you don’t live in France.


These are spaces which you can have as your head office that are shared with several other people. This means that not only costs are shared, but reunion spaces or offices are shared as well. Because of this, while this is a very popular option for independent workers, especially in the tech sector, it’s hard to see it as a long-term solution. After all, few businesses would want to welcome their clients in a loud area shared with other companies!

Renting an office

Between separating private and professional life, granting freedom, or being a peaceful work environment, renting an office solves most problems. However, unfortunately, it’s a very expensive solution.

Domiciliation companies

This is arguably the quickest and most simple way to have the head office of your company in a different place from your home. Not only is this option generally a lot cheaper than renting an office, but some of them can also offer you options with more or less prestige associated.
Domiciliation on the Place de la Madeleine certainly sounds luxurious, and it’s a lot cheaper than renting an office there!