The French Real Estate Contribution: How to pay as little as possible

Paying French real estate contribution

The CFE, which stands for “Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises”, is the Real Estate Contribution. Basically, any company or individual that has a non-salaried activity has to pay this tax. As its name implies, this tax is calculated based on the value of your real estate assets.

Do I have to pay the CFE even if the company’s business address is my home?

The short answer is: yes! Even if you practice your activity in another place, you’ll still have to pay the CFE.
Something worth noting though is that the CFE rate depends on the business address of your company.

How high is the CFE rate?

This actually depends on the city in which your company’s business address is! Overall, the average CFE rate in the entire country is between 25% and 30%. However, this can vary greatly from city to city; in particular, Paris has one of the lowest CFE rates, with it only being around 15% there.

As such, while you can’t completely dodge the CFE, you can minimize it by having your company’s business address be in Paris. Thus, it’s definitely worth taking a look at domiciliation companies who can offer business addresses in Paris, as it’s one of the simplest ways to choose where you want your company’s head office address! is specialized in offering domiciliation in Paris to foreign entrepreneurs. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check it out!