Entrepreneurs in France: Who are they really? What are they really doing?

entrepreneur in france
As the legal representative of your company in France, your personal liability can be incurred by many actors, whether they’re from the company or not.

Entrepreneurial businesses in France

In the last few years, company formation in France has been growing faster than ever before. In particular, 600 000 companies in 2017 alone! But what exactly are these businesses and what are they doing?

What are these businesses?

There are 3 main “types” of businesses in France: sole proprietorships, micro-companies, and companies. As you would expect, micro-companies were created the most in 2017, representing 40% of all created companies. This makes sense since they’re arguably the easiest types of businesses to create. However, companies made up 36% of all businesses created, making for the biggest growth in the creation of companies since 1987!

What are they doing?

For the first time since 2000, the field of specialized, scientific and technical companies became the most popular type of companies! This is mainly because the number of consulting companies has been growing incredibly rapidly over the past few years.

Who are these entrepreneurs?

More and more young people seem to be motivated in company creation, with the proportion of entrepreneurs that are less than 30 years old going from 35% in 2016 to 37% in 2017.

It’s also worth noting that, as you might expect, the Paris region is by far the most popular area when it comes to company creation. In fact, almost half of all businesses created in 2017 were created in the Parisian area.

Overall, there’s only one conclusion to be had: company formation in France is becoming more and more dynamic.

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