French employees are working more “outside” of the company offices

French employees mobile working

Mobility at work is becoming more and more important in France. Between national debates on mobility and the new Labour law reforms advocated by the French president Emmanuel Macron, it’s easy to see why.

How much are workdays changing?

Data clearly shows this change: today, more than one third of employees reportedly work outside of their office at least once a month, and 35% work in at least 2 different places on their workplace on the average day.

Furthermore, today, there are more and more people who regularly leave their office in the middle of the day for personal reasons, something that was unthinkable a couple of decades ago. This is particularly true for young workers, as 63% of workers less than 35 years old consider it “normal” to leave the workplace at some point in the day, whether it’s to buy groceries or for a business meeting.

Does this mean that the concept of “offices” is dying?

No, obviously not! Granted, this internet era makes it significantly easier to work at home, or in a different place, and still have access to the same resources as in the workplace. There’s also the fact that data suggests that this high level of mobility at work is strengthening the relationships between co-workers, and making people overall happier at work.

However, all of this actually makes the office all the more important as a social area. Even among those with a “hyper-mobility” at work, 72% of them say that the office is a major factor to take into account when choosing where to work.

As such, if you’re an employer, then it’s important to keep in mind that even though your employees are probably going to have more and more mobility, it’s still worth paying attention to the offices of your company.