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Avoiding mistakes when starting a company

4 mistakes to avoid when creating a company in France

Creating a company can be difficult. It’s especially tricky when you’re trying to create a business in another country, with a judicial system you’re not quite used to. As such, it’s easy to make certain mistakes that could cost you dearly in the long run!

Getting a SIRET number

How exactly can you get your SIRET number?

In France, every company has a couple of different identification numbers that serve as a way to identify it. In particular, when it’s registered, a company is assigned a SIREN number, which allows the company to be identified.
That’s not all, however; companies also have one separate SIRET number for each branch they have.

Different business incubators

Top 3 best business incubators in France

If you’re a business creator, finding an incubator can be one of the best ways to push your project forward. Indeed, not only do these structures help you develop your company, but they can also provide funding, advice, and sometimes even housing.

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