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Insurance for French companies

What insurance is mandatory for companies in France?

When you’re creating a company in France, there are a certain number of procedures you have to respect, one of which being: getting insured. Indeed, the law itself states that certain type of insurance is mandatory for all companies, no matter their age, size or activity, while others depend on what type of company you run. What are they?

Money loans in France

4 tips when subscribing to a loan insurance in France

When creating a company, often, you’re going to have to take out a loan. In these cases, it’s actually very common to subscribe to a loan insurance! However, this is not a decision that is to be taken lightly; you need to closely evaluate the risks, especially when it comes to payments.

Can my personal civil liability insurance cover professional risks?

In France, every citizen has what’s known as civil liability. Basically, it means that if you, or someone you are responsible for ever causes someone else harm, then you’re going to have to compensate the other party somehow. Thankfully, there exists insurance to protect you from that.

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