What insurance is mandatory for companies in France?

Mandatory insurance for French companies

When you’re creating a company in France, there are a certain number of procedures you have to respect, one of which being: getting insured. Indeed, the law itself states that certain type of insurance is mandatory for all companies, no matter their age, size or activity, while others depend on what type of company you run. What are they?

The civil professional liability insurance

This insurance is technically only mandatory for some activities. However, not only is it mandatory for a lot of activities, such as those dealing with health, law, or construction, but even if it’s not mandatory, you absolutely should subscribe to civil professional liability insurance anyway.

If you want to learn more about civil professional liability insurance and why exactly it’s so important: What exactly is “civil professional liability insurance”?

The multi-risk insurance

This is the insurance that concerns anything caused by the assets of the company. If something happens inside your office, if something happens to your employees, if one of the assets of your companies causes harm to someone, etc., this is the insurance that’s going to deal with it.

Technically, this insurance is not mandatory. However, much like the civil professional liability insurance, you should absolutely get insured no matter what, and in any case, it covers some of the insurance that the law requires. For example, if you’ve got a vehicle, it has to be insured in case it ever causes harm to a third party; and the multi-risk insurance should cover that already.

The “Mutual” insurance

Since the Ani law of 2016, every private company must offer complimentary health insurance, or a “mutual”, to its employees. You are free to choose which insurance company to be affiliated to, but you must pay at least 50% of the cost of this insurance.

Again, even when insurance is not mandatory, it is heavily advised that you subscribe to it anyway. Not being properly insured could end up being the cause of the death of your company, so make sure you pay attention to insurance!