Can my personal civil liability insurance cover professional risks?

In France, every citizen has what’s known as civil liability. Basically, it means that if you, or someone you are responsible for ever causes someone else harm, then you’re going to have to compensate the other party somehow. Thankfully, there exists insurance to protect you from that.

So, does this insurance cover professional risks?

Generally, no! Every insurance contract must mention explicitly what sort of situations are covered, and in pretty much every case, your personal insurance meant to protect you and your family from the risks from everyday life does not do anything for your professional risks.

Let’s illustrate that with an example:

Even if you subscribed to the “Housing Multi-risk” insurance, which covers you if you, your children, or your pets ever cause harm, this will not help you if someone gets hurt as a result of your company’s activity.
Granted, this sounds obvious, but given how important professional civil liability insurance is, it bears repeating. Especially so if you’re a foreigner who doesn’t speak the language very well, since insurance contracts can be fairly technical.

If you’re not sure why exactly professional civil liability insurance is so important, make sure to check out our article explaining it: What exactly is “civil professional liability insurance”?