Your French company is registered. What next?

The next phases for starting your French company

There are quite a few steps to creating a company in France. Registering is arguably the most difficult step, but you need to pay attention to what comes next as well!
As such, what should you do after registering your company?

Getting your Kbis extract

The Kbis is one of the most important documents in your company, as it essentially functions as the company’s ID card. To give you an idea, banks will not open a bank account for your company until you have given them this document.

If you want to get it, you can contact the commercial court or ask us.

Getting your VAT number

The VAT number is also one of the documents you’ll need to get after registering your company, as you’ll need it for basically every transaction between borders.

Normally, the Company Tax Services should automatically give you your VAT number as soon as you are registered.

Getting your APE Code

The APE code basically refers to the activity of your company.

In a similar fashion to the VAT number, the INSEE should give it to you as soon as your company is registered. It’s important to make sure that your code is correct though, as it can have important consequences.

Unblocking your professional account

One of the first things you need to do to create a company is to build up its “social capital”. To do this, you essentially need to open a bank account and to deposit all contributions in cash in it.

However, you can’t actually access this money until the company is registered. To “unblock” your account, you need to present the bank with your Kbis extract.

It’s worth noting that generally, searching for a bank is what takes the most time when creating a company, especially for people who don’t live in France.

Registering your trademark

When your company is created, it’s incredibly important that you register your trademark! To do this, you need to contact the INPI. The process seems fairly straightforward, but it’s good to be informed about what exactly you must do!