What Visa do you need to have a social mandate in France?

The 5 different visas

If you want to work on French soil, you can’t go for just any visa. These are the 5 that could work for you:

  • The ten years residence permit: This one allows you to get whatever job you want. It’s hard to get, because the French government issues it based on your knowledge of French principles, and, most importantly, how well you can speak French. If you can get one, however, as its name implies, it is valid for 10 years and can be renewed.
  • Foreign trader’s card: most business creators go for this one. Indeed, with this one, you can be a manager, a president, or even a chief officer.
  • “Private and family life” residence permit: you can only get this one if you’ve got a relative that lives in France. But if you can get it, you can do any job you want!
  • The “skills and expertise” permit: you can only get this if you’re a very qualified individual looking to create or invest in a company. For example, you need to prove that you’ve got at least 5 years of experience in the field, or that you’ve got a “5-years after baccalaureate” degree.
  • Since last year, you can also get a “French-tech visa”. Basically, it’s a simplified means of getting an Expertise Permit that is made for those with talents in tech.

If you want to get such a Visa, you’ll have to contact the prefecture of the department you want to work in.