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Pass sanitaire

Pass sanitaire: what impact for your employees?

As of August 30, 2021, employees working in certain places, services or establishments will have to present a health pass to their employer, under risk of having their employment contract suspended.

Businesses negotiating in France

5 things you NEED to do when negotiating in France

When setting up a business in another country, it is inevitable: you’ll have to negotiate. And yet, if you try to negotiate in France just like you would in your home country, you could be in for a surprise, especially so if you come from the US or UK, where traditions are surprisingly different.

France vs USA

Cost of living: France VS the USA – Where is it cheaper to live?

If you’re planning to create a company in another country, it’s worth comparing the cost of living between the two. Indeed, not only will this affect your personal life and how you’re going to spend your money, but it also has consequences of the purchasing power of your potential customers.

Tech visas for start-ups

French tech visas: France’s new way to promote start-ups

France has always had quite a bit of investment in the new technologies field. And yet, because it was so complicated to hire foreign developers, this sector did not get to grow like it could have. The solution of the government? Introducing French Tech Visas.

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