Can I benefit from French pension with just my French Business?

French pension savings

The French social system is arguably one of the best in the world, with your pension going up to 50% of your previous salary, for example. As such, it makes sense to wonder what you have to do to benefit from it.

Thankfully, it’s quite simple! If you’ve got a French registered business, you automatically pay “social contributions”, and these are what allow you to get access to services like pensions, unemployment benefits, healthcare, etc.

Granted, the case of pensions can be a bit peculiar, since you can only get your “full” pension if you’ve contributed a certain amount. Unfortunately, we cannot give precise figures, because this is not a fixed rate; but basically: the more you earn, the more you pay.

Though, don’t worry, if you’re worried that you’re at a disadvantage because you started contributing late, it’s always possible to “buy” retirement quarters, allowing you to pay your social contributions faster than you would otherwise.