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Life insurance as an independent worker in France

Get your insurance as an independent worker in France

In France, basically all workers automatically have some sort of insurance. However, if you’re an independent worker, then yours doesn’t provide as much coverage as the one of an employee. For example, you wouldn’t be covered against unemployment.

Employment contract

Manager with an employment contract: the best social regime

Being the manager of the executive officer of a company in France obviously has a lot of perks. However, often, your social regime won’t be as good as that of a regular employee; you won’t always be insured against unemployment, for example. As such, it can be very worth your time to combine your function as the director with an employment contract, if it is possible.

Social coverage piggy bank

I created an SA. What’s my social coverage?

The structure of an SA (The French equivalent of the Public Limited Company) can vary, but generally, it is directed by a board of directors, a chairman (who is a member of the board), and a manger if necessary. As such, your social coverage depends on your role in the company.

Social coverage for limited liability companies

I created an SARL/EURL. What’s my social coverage?

You’re the manager of an SARL (The French equivalent of the Limited Liability Company) or an EURL (an SARL, but with only one associate). If you’re not sure what social coverage you’re entitled to, it’s probably because the answer can be somewhat confusing and unintuitive.

VAT regimes

Comparing France and Canada’s healthcare system: which is better?

Both France and Canada’s healthcare systems have a good reputation.
France ranked number 1 on 2000’s World Health Organization’s rankings, and since, it has kept a lot of qualities. France has the least deaths avoidable with healthcare in the world, for example.

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