Why should you avoid by-laws templates for your French company?

The importance of French by-laws

There are quite a few steps to do before you can create your French company. One of the things you’ll have to do is choose a company type, and write the by-laws that go with it.

Having a professional write them could cost a little bit, so you might think that finding model by-laws online would be simpler. However, be careful!

What are the consequences I should be wary of?

Writing the by-laws incorrectly can have huge consequences for your company! First of all, if you’re not careful when defining your corporate object, you could end up being subject to the wrong collective agreement.

Basically, the bottom line is this: as long as everything works correctly in your company, nobody will think about the by-laws. However, as soon as a problem arises, if you didn’t define your by-laws correctly, then you won’t how to solve issues between associates, what to do when an associate leaves after burying the company in debt, what to do when an associate sells all of his stocks…

Because all of these issues should be solved differently depending on the type, size, situation, or activity of the company, it’s very risky to copy by-laws off of the internet.

As such: pay attention!