What happens if the conventional termination is refused?

Refusing conventional terminations in French companies

A conventional termination agreement is one of the best ways to “fire” an employee in France. Indeed, if this procedure is accepted, then you can have the employee leave the company with little to no conflict.

How can this convention be refused?

After it’s been signed, both the employer and the employee have a fifteen-day time period during which they can go back on their decision. Here, it’s not necessary to give any sort of reason as to their refusal.

After these fifteen days, though, the employer has to submit the convention to the administration, and at that point, it can’t be refused.

What happens when it is refused?

Whether the one who refuses is the employer or the employee, the only immediate consequence is that the convention is canceled. There’s really no other impact.

If you’re an employer, and you want your employee to accept the procedure, then the only real way to have them accept is to renegotiate.

The whole point of this convention is that both sides have to agree. Of course, it’s not a decision that you can force on the other party!