Publish your French company annual accounts: is it mandatory?

Publishing your French company accounts

All French trading companies (SARL, SAS, SA) are required to send their annual accounts at the court of the Chamber of Commerce within one month of their approval (within 2 months in the case of online filing), at the latest July 31 for companies that closed their fiscal year on December 31 of the previous year. They also need to their annual general meeting of accounts approved on June 30, 2017.

The purpose of this obligation is to allow everyone to consult these accounts and therefore to measure the good or bad financial health of the company in question.

However, you can request not to publish your annual accounts if your company does not exceed two of the following three thresholds:
– € 350,000 in total assets,
– € 700,000 in net sales
– 10 employees
In such a case, attaching a declaration of confidentiality when filling your accounts will suffice. As a result, as long as your results are made confidential, no one, except the judicial authorities, the administrations and the Banque de France, can access your accounts.

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