Is it possible for my French company to have multiple activities?

Different activities in your French company

In short: yes, it is absolutely possible for a French company to have multiple activities! You must make sure that the company follows certain rules, though.

The multiple activities must appear in the by-laws

It’s in the by-laws of your company that you will define the characteristics of your company. Of course, it’s there that the corporate object – or main activity of your company – is defined.

As such, all the activities of your company must appear in its by-laws.

Does this mean that my company will have multiple APE codes?

You might know that the APE code is a code given to any French company when it’s registered. This code is meant to identify the activity of a company.

However, don’t worry; even if you have multiple activities, you will not have to handle multiple APE codes. Your company will still only have one that will reflect its main activity.