What do you need to register your French company?

Name of the company

The company naming in France is flexible so you are free to name your french company as you like.
Keep in mind that post-registration company name change has a cost, so pick the right one at first!

Shareholders identity

You don’t have to be French to form a company in France.

You will simply need to provide the identity of the french company shareholders as follow:

Company with individual shareholoders:
– Passport copy or ID proof for the legal representative and all shareholders
– Father and Mother maiden names of legal representative (and directors if any)

Subsidiary / Branch:
– Parent Company registration certificate and articles / by laws if applicable, (for branch, translated in french and apostilled)
– Passport copy or ID proof for the legal representatives for both the parent and french companies
– Father and Mother maiden names of legal representative (and directors if any)

Company capital

Your french company needs a starting capital that can be €1 or more. But in practice, banks will only open a business bank account for you with a capital of 500€ more. The capital is also the money that your company will use to pay its debts in case of bankrupcy. So a low capital sends the message that doing business with you is somehow risky.

The capital then needs to be transfered to a locked acount at a bank or a notary office. The bank will issue a capital deposit certificate that is mandatory to register your french company.

If for example there are two shareholders with 50/50 shares and the capital is €1000, each one of them needs to transfer 50% of the capital, meaning €500 each. Keep in mind the capital is the company money and will return to the company after the registration process.

If you open a french branch of your existing parent company, then no capital is required.

Business address

The business address is a legal requirement and can be:
– the legal representative address in France,
– the address of an office you rent in France,
– our prestigious registered business address downtown Paris at 25, place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris.

Business bank account

Your french company will need a French business bank account. If you want, we can open one for your French company.

Travel to France?

You don’t have to travel to France to register your French company.
Most of our company formation packs include a full remote registration, with no need to travel. You save the time and cost of a trip.

Documents to sign

In most cases, when the shareholders of your French company are physical persons, you will have to sign the following documents:

  • your french company by laws
  • a non-condemnation declaration
  • the shareholders list
  • others, if/when required

How to start?

Simply book a call with us to discuss the specifics of your project.