Trademarks for French companies

A trademark is a design, symbol, word or phrase that identifies the source of your products and distinguishes them from the products of other companies. If your products are unique you will want to protect your identity in France from being copied.

The Companow team will work with you to identify what you want to trademark and how you then go about it.

What can you register in France?

In France, like in many countries trademarks can cover a variety of things. A word (ex. “Nespresso”), a name (ex. “Pablo Picasso”), a slogan (ex. “Nespresso, what else?”), numbers and letters (ex. “Chanel N°5”), a drawing, a logo, a sound (must be writable on a musical scope), a colour nuance (defined by it’s Pantone code), and an hologram (in 2D or 3D described with a figure).

One or many of the above forms will describe a brand, a product or a service.


What is Anteriority research?

Once you know what French trademark you want to register, an anteriority check must be done. The anteriority check makes sure that none of the elements you want to protect are already owned by someone else (individual or company).

The check can be performed with the exact same attributes (ex. check if “Nespresso” is already owned with the same exact letters), or with similar attributes (ex. check if “NespreXXX” where XXX are all existing variants is already owned).

Once we have confirmed that the name or logo you want to register is free, we undertake the filing process for you.


How do you file for a French trademark?

We complete all the official forms for the Trademark Registration process (official publication application, examinations and opposition management, registration) and submit them on your behalf. We will then manage any questions that are raised until you receive the official Registration Certificate delivered by the Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle (I.N.P.I.).

To get started on your Trademark call our experts on +33 1 84 25 54 11 or email contact@companow and we will call you back, at your convenience, to discuss your enquiry.