Foreign Exchange & Currency Services for your French Company

Whether it is the long delay transfers that could potentially put the brakes on building trust with your suppliers and partners abroad or the FX market volatility, multicurrency transfers can quickly become overhelming and cost you a lot.

To provide you the best services and rates, Companow partnered up with a payment institution specialized in foreign exchange transactions and international payments.

With our Forex Partner Bank, Companow can provide your business many advantages such as  :

  • Access to a dematerialized Trading Room: Live and transparent quotation which follows market developments.
  • Ease of international payment through our innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Cost: up to 30% savings compared to traditional banks.
  • Total transparency: no exchange commission on your purchases/sales of currencies or miscellaneous costs.
  • Provision of nominative IBAN in more than 30 currencies (EUR, USD, HKD, SGD, GBP, CHF etc.)
  • Pay as you go” tool: free account opening, no fees, no account maintenance commission, no account movement commission, etc.;
  • Speed of international wire transfers (Ex: 4 hours to the US & China).
  • Payment Tracker: follow-up of international payments step by step until they arrive in the customer’s account.

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