Chartered accountant for French companies

Having strong financial management controls in place is the first key milestone following the incorporation of your business in France. Once established your company will need to meet its legislative responsibilities such as filing VAT and annual reports, therefore appointing an accountant to work with you key stepping stone and getting your business off to the right start.

When do I need to appoint a Chartered Accountant?

Even if you do not plan to have many transactions the first month you still have filing obligations (VAT, annual reports) following incorporation which makes it good sense and business practice to get your accountant appointed after the company registration


How do I find and appoint a Chartered Accountant in France?

We work with a dedicated team of Chartered Accountants who offer a wide range of tailored services for international clients and will talk to you in English. They will take on the legislative and complicated elements of operating your business by dealing with all governmental bodies in France, supporting you with accounting, social legislation, labor law, tax legislation and  international tax laws.


How much I will need to pay?

To help you budget a chartered accountant will charge between €250 and €400 per month for book keeping and filing all reports. This of course will be dependent upon the volume of transactions/sales that your business generates invoices and the number of employees.


How can I have an accounting quotation for my French business?

As soon as you become a client we will provide for you a FREE quotation and service level agreement to cover your accounting requirements. You only get this once you become a client and have had opportunity to understand more about the needs of your business.


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