What consequences will the French “Administration simplification project” have?

French administration simplification

It’s no secret that French administration is difficult. Administrative procedures tend to be long and complex, especially when it comes to company creation. Thankfully though, the French president Emmanuel Macron seems to want to change that! With his “right to error” law having just been validated by the senate, it’s worth asking: what can we expect from his Administration simplification project?

What are entrepreneurs expecting?

Most entrepreneurs were expecting the introduction of the “right to error”, which was passed on July 31st. This law mostly concerns SMEs, and states that if they make a mistake because they didn’t know about a specific law, they can get off the hook the first time. Considering how complicated French legislation can be, entrepreneurs are very happy with this piece of news.

That’s not all, however: many of them also expect paperwork to be reduced and administrative procedures to get easier in general. One of the ways the government hopes to achieve this is by putting in place a “digital vault”.
It will work as follows: if some institutions need a specific document, entrepreneurs won’t have to send it in paper form to every institution. Instead, it’ll be possible to upload it on a specific online platform, and they will all have access to it. As you might expect, this will drastically reduce the amount of time companies spend on administrative procedures!

As such, French entrepreneurs can have high hopes for the future! While many presidents have already promised to reduce paperwork for companies, this time, things look like they’re really about to change.