Why you should open a bank account for your business in France

Opening a bank account in France

Depending on what sort of business you create, opening a separate bank account is not always mandatory in France.

Nevertheless, you should always do it. But why?

  • It allows you to isolate the financial operations of your company from your own
  • In France, you are legally obliged to follow precise rules and be exact when it comes to the accounting of your company. If you have a separate bank account, all of your accounting will be significantly easier, cheaper and less time-consuming.
  • In a similar fashion, it will make it much easier for you to meet your tax requirements.
  • Having a bank account also grants you access to specific services, such as an appropriate overdraft limit.
  • Not to mention, it grants you significantly more credibility towards potential partners.

As such, even when you’re not legally obliged to, if you’re creating a business in France, it is imperative that you create a separate bank account if you want your company to thrive