Do you really need a chartered accountant to secure your French business?

Benefits of chartered accountants

Many business leaders in France wonder why it’s so necessary to hire a chartered accountant. It’s not mandatory, after all.

Being able to present perfect accounting

This seems pretty obvious, but it’s actually more important than you might think. In France, the accounting of companies is regulated by law, so making a mistake somewhere in your math could cause you a lot of trouble.

In fact, having accounts that are correct, but that don’t use the right methodology would be forbidden as well, so you should definitely always have someone at your side who’s aware of the legislation surrounding this activity.

Furthermore, in these cases, even if there’s a mistake somewhere, the accountant will be liable, rather than the company.

Having access to great advice

Chances are, the accountant will be the one who knows the financial state of your company the best. Given their experience, they’ll often be able to give you great advice to optimize the financial state of your company.

Being able to focus on your main task

Accounting takes time, especially when it’s so regulated. It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget how much time you could save simply by hiring someone to take care of it for you.

Increasing the credibility of your company

Because of all the elements we mentioned earlier, potential partners will find you much more trustworthy if you have a chartered accountant dealing with the accounts of your company, especially if they’ve got a good reputation.

Banks, for example, will have an easier time granting loans to someone whose accounts are certified by a chartered accountant!