Why is it worth having a virtual office for your French company?

Is a virtual office right for you

What exactly is a “virtual office”?

A virtual office refers to an online service that allows you to manage your company from afar. Basically, it allows you to work with a cloud service to improve comfort and practicality, especially when setting up a company in another country.

What are its advantages?

  • Great flexibility: you can choose when to have access to this service, so you can build your office according to your needs
  • Great security: there’s no risk of losing any important data, no matter what may happen to your hardware.
  • It works particularly well when paired with domiciliation. Indeed, it’s arguably the simplest way to have both a business address in any location, while still being able to work where ever you please, and thus being able to concentrate on more important tasks. You can even run your company from a completely different country, if you want!