Why French employees prefer startups to SMEs?

Start-up French businesses

In France, startups have an easier time recruiting staff than SMEs. This is because the working population typically prefers to work in a startup than in an SME, and this is why.

A different take on recruitment:

Overall startups are much more willing to take risks when hiring employees than most SMEs. Indeed, 56% of employees hired by startups are young graduates, while SMEs tend to only hire people who already have work experience, because they’ve already proved themselves.

A new management style:

The reason why the working population, especially young people, seem to prefer startups doesn’t only come from the fact that their hiring methods are easier for them. There’s also the fact that management fits the generation of “millennials” better.

Indeed, startups tend to encourage their employees to have initiative, to share their thoughts, to participate in the decision-making…

As such, surprisingly enough, new companies in France don’t struggle too much when it comes to hiring employees! It’s actually the opposite: 57% of startups reportedly have no trouble at all when it comes to hiring staff.