Why some people find it difficult to set up a company in France

Difficulties starting a French company

Many people hesitate to set up a company in France. However, most problems people bring up can be solved by getting the help of an online platform when setting up. Here are the most common reasons why people hold off on creating a company in France:

Uncertainty about taxes

Many entrepreneurs aren’t sure how much they’ll be taxed when setting up and don’t know if they have to pay taxes on expenses done before the company is created. In fact, 41% of entrepreneurs say that this was one of the reasons why they gave up on undertaking!

This is easily solved by getting the help of an experienced company, though.

The address of the head office

Choosing a head office can be complicated. There are quite a few choices available to entrepreneurs, and these choices can have very strong consequences. 25% of people who gave up on their company considered this one of the reasons they gave up; which is unfortunate because this can easily be solved by going through a domiciliation company.

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Choosing a legal representative

This is a tough decision, and can potentially be a difficult process. This is why 19% of company creators give up at this time.

So, as you can see, while it is certainly difficult for an entrepreneur to set up a company alone, it’s immediately much easier if you have professionals helping you. It’s worth noting that foreign entrepreneurs face additional challenges if they try to undertake alone, especially when it comes to opening a bank account.