When is it necessary to have legal notices on a French website?

Publishing legal notices on your website

Legal notices refer to the pieces of information that must be present on a communication platform, such as websites. The bottom line is: if you’ve got a company in France, it is mandatory for you to include Legal notices on its website.

What must appear on these Legal notices?

  • The name, legal status, corporate object and business address of the company
  • An email address and phone number
  • The registration number of your company
  • The VAT number
  • If it’s a regulated activity, information about the regulation in place, as well as the name of the authority that granted you your permit to practice this activity
  • The name and email address or phone number of the host of the website
  • If it’s a commercial website, the general terms and conditions associated with buying your product or service

You must also include information about your cookies, and an option to turn them off.

What happens if they’re not on my website?

As an individual, you can have to pay a fine of up to 75 000€. As a company, this goes up to 375 000€.