What’s the French “Greffe du tribunal de commerce”?

French commercial court

Greffe du tribunal de commerce” roughly translates to “Registry of the French Commercial court”. It’s one of the most important institutions when creating a company, because it’s the one that will be dealing with a lot of administrative paperwork to get your company started.

Its role in company creation

One of the most important steps when creating your company is to register your company in the Commerce and Companies Register. The Greffe is the institution that is in charge of registering your company, and it will do that after they’ve received a certain form filled in by each of the company’s associates.

Its role in the filing of annual accounts

In France, accounting is heavily regulated, so every company must file its financial result every year. Thankfully, the Greffe is the institution that deals with most of the paperwork, and once you’ve filed them your annual accounts, they’ll deal with the rest of the procedure, such as publishing a notice the BODACC, another institution.

As such, the Greffe du tribunal de commerce is one of the most important actors a company creator should get used to. Especially since that’s not nearly all of its functions: it also deals with the changing of the head office of your company, for example.