What are the best crowdfunding platforms in France?

Crowdfunding refers to internet platforms allowing company creators or project leaders to ask for funding.
Of course, a project creator should always choose their crowdfunding platform depending on which ones would allow them to reach as many people as possible! So which are the favorite crowdfunding platforms in France?

Ulule: for European undertakers

What makes this platform stand out is that it accepts nearly all European currencies! This makes it one of the best platforms for European undertakers, especially considering how 65% of projects meet their funding goals.


Kickstarter: the safe choice

Kickstarter is basically the emblem of crowdfunding. Of course it would be popular in France!


Tipee and Patreon

If you’re familiar with Patreon, then you know that this is a very popular platform for content creators, because it allows donors to give regular donations.


Well, Tipee functions in a very similar way! Really, the most important difference is that Patreon isn’t that widespread in France, since people generally prefer to use Tipee.