How to register your travel agency licence in France?

Registering your travel agency business

If you want to open a travel agency in France, keep in mind that this activity is pretty heavily regulated. As such, you are required to register your company once it’s been created.

Where should I register?

You need to register on the Registre des Opérateurs de Voyages et de Séjour (The Travel and Holiday Agencies Register). Keep in mind, to do this, your company must be set up in France (or at least be planning to open up in France). Thankfully, most of the registration process can be done online right here (though, keep in mind, the website is in French).

Technically, you can also register if you come from another country of the European Union, or of the European Economic Area. The procedure in these cases is a bit different though, and can be done by clicking here (again, the website is in French).

What do I need to provide?                                           

  1. Certificate of civil professional liability insurance

Setting up a travel agency is one of the cases where it is mandatory that you have civil professional liability insurance.
(If you’re not sure what that is exactly: What exactly is “ civil professional liability insurance ”?)

There’s quite a bit of information that should appear on your certificate. Normally, every certificate should present this information, but just in case, here’s a list of the pieces of information you should have on there:

  • A reference to the legal regulations
  • The corporate name of the insurance company. (the insurance company has to be certified)
  • The insurance contract number
  • The time period in which the insurance contract is valid
  • The corporate name and registered office of your travel agency
  • What exactly is insured
  1. A financial guarantee

It has to allow you to pay back your clients in full if there’s ever a case of malpractice. It also has to allow you to have all travelers return if you ever file for bankruptcy, and to fund all additional expenses that might result from this.

  1. A 100 € registration fee