Top 3 best business incubators in France

What’s the right incubator for your French business

If you’re a business creator, finding an incubator can be one of the best ways to push your project forward. Indeed, not only do these structures help you develop your company, but they can also provide funding, advice, and sometimes even housing. But what are the best incubators you could find in France?

3 – The NUMA incubator

With over a thousand applications a year and a very strict selection process, this is one of the most renowned incubators in the country. It only lasts 6 months, but it grants you access to some excellent tutoring, an incredibly large worldwide network, partnerships, funding advantages…

Overall, it’s a simply excellent incubator.

2 – Station F

At the time of writing this article, Station F is the largest start-up hub in the world. Not only does it offer an excellent working environment with high stimulation, but it also has programs allowing entrepreneurs from poorer backgrounds to have access to its services for free.

This incubator definitely shows a lot of promise.

Really, the only reason why it is not higher on this list is because it didn’t have a chance to really prove itself. Indeed, it’s only been open for a year! This makes it all the more impressive that it has already managed to show good results.

1 – Montpellier’s BIC Incubator

With 25 years of experience and a very high company survival rate (over ¾ of startups incubated here make it past the 5th year, compared to 50% on a national scale), does anything more need to be said? It helps companies for up to 5 years, has a dedicated team of experts to help its start-ups, and keeps on innovating to ensure it offers the best service possible.

Still not convinced? In 2018, UBI Global ranked it the 2nd best business incubator in the world.

These are just a few of the excellent incubators in France, but in truth, there are a lot more. As such, if you have an ambitious project, it might be worth considering settling in France for its business incubators alone.s