The Kbis extract: What is it? Why do I need it?

The importance of Kbis

The Kbis is an official document given to a company by the Commercial Court. Essentially, it functions as the ID card of a company, and certifies that the company was correctly registered in the Commerce and Companies Register.
The Kbis only stays valid for three months, though, so be careful when you need it!

On the Kbis, you can find the following pieces of information about the company:

  • Its name
  • Its abbreviation and logo
  • The amount of “social capital
  • Its identification number
  • Its legal status
  • The business address
  • Its date of creation
  • Its NAF code
  • The duration of the company
  • Its detailed activity
  • The address of the main office
  • Information about the main associates of the company

If you want to get your Kbis, you can either ask the Commercial court, or visit the website

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