The EORI number: what is it? When do I need it? How to get it?

EORI number

The “EORI number” stands for Economic Operator’s Registration and Identification. Basically, it’s a number given to all European companies that want to export or import products outside the EU.

How do I get my EORI number?

The way to get your EORI number depends from country to country, but in France, if you know your SIRET number, all you have to do is to type it in this official website:

Though, to be fair, the EORI number for French companies is just “FR +SIRET number”, so if you know your SIRET number, you can easily find your EORI number just by adding “FR +” in front of it.

When do I need it?

As stated earlier, you mainly need it for exportation or importation. Its point is to make it easy for your company to be identified no matter where it is located in Europe, so it’s important to keep it!