What’s the best country to create a business in?

Countries to start businesses in
Today, more and more people are considering creating a company in another country. Let’s look at just a few of the options available!

Starting businesses in different countries

Today, more and more people are considering creating a company in another country. Let’s look at just a few of the options available!

New Zealand:

Even though it’s a small country, it’s got a pretty robust economy. It also protects its entrepreneurs very well, and there’s no need to worry about any political corruption (like most countries on this list, of course). Arguably the best thing about New Zealand for entrepreneurs is that you don’t need much capital to create a business.

If you live in Europe or North America, it’s pretty much on the other side of the world though. You might have to cut ties with family and friends for quite a while!


Being one of the most innovating countries in the world, it is frequently called “the Asian Silicon Valley”. There are a lot of very skilled Engineers, and their salaries tend to be somewhat lower than their western counterparts. Overall, it’s a great country if you want to launch a tech start-up.

Unfortunately, it’s quite strict when it comes to immigration, though. You’ll struggle getting a Visa if you don’t already have enough capital when creating your company, and even if you get one, it probably won’t be renewed if you can’t generate enough money. Make sure you’re confident in your project!


A country with a very educated population and a very high GDP per capita, it was ranked number one on the World Happiness report of 2016. It’s got an environment fit for business! Not to mention, it is quite the Welfare State.

The United States:

Of course, the US has a very strong economy and the highest GDP per capita in the world. When it comes to entrepreneurship, one of the best things about the US is that finding funds for your company is pretty easy!

However, social coverage there isn’t nearly as good as what you’d find in the rest of the western world. It’s better to be very confident in your project before choosing to go there!

And what about France?

With its 66 million potential clients, France has the second largest economy in the EU, and the 6th largest in the world! For entrepreneurs, there are quite a few advantages to opening up in France: access to the European Market, a very skilled, productive and dynamic workforce, and a plethora of new laws and stipulation to make the life of entrepreneurs easier. There’s also the fact that, similarly to Denmark, the state is quite good when it comes to welfare.

With its new French-tech policies, France is trying to position itself as one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to innovation. If you can get past the paperwork, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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