Station F: can it become the best business incubator in the world?

Station F incubator in France

Station F, the start-up hub opened in France in 2017, is the largest business incubator in the world, spanning 34 000 square meters (over 365 000 square feet). But how does it actually fare? After just one year, it’s too soon to say for sure, but one can draw some early conclusions.

Already, over 1000 start-ups have been created at station F, with quite a few of them already turning out to be huge successes. Why? The visibility and credibility obtained by just being on site make it much easier to find funds for your project. Indeed, projects do have to go through a selection before they can set up there; and in the first year, roughly 9% of applicants were chosen.

Furthermore, right now, Station F is only roughly one-third done. Many more expansions are underway, such as a residential project, where 600 entrepreneurs could live.

So is it the best business incubator in the world? Right now, obviously not, as it’s only a year old. But while no one can predict the future, it’s safe to say that Station F has the potential to become that.