Permanent vs temporary contract: hiring your French employees

Tips for hiring your French employees

The DARES (direction of research, studies, and statistics) recently published a study analyzing the job market in France over the past 25 years. In particular, it analyzes how temporary contracts and permanent contracts have evolved over time.

The first thing that this study will tell you is that today, a huge majority of French employees have a permanent contract; 88% of them, in fact. Does this mean that you should try to hire employees by offering them a permanent contract?
Not quite. Indeed, most of these employees were actually first hired with a temporary contract. Actually, 87% of all employment in 2017 was done with a temporary contract.

However, there is one thing that you should be wary of: overall, the duration of a temporary contract has been going down at an incredibly fast pace: while the average duration of such a contract was 112 days in 2001, it was only 46 days in 2017.

As such, overall, if you want to hire an employee, going for a short temporary contract to see if they’re fit to work in your company seems to be the most favored option. However, if you wanted to hire employees with a temporary contract so that you don’t have to worry about eventually firing them, then you might have trouble finding people willing to work for you.

Though, of course, it depends on your activity and the field in which you’re working!