Now’s the right time to create a video game company in France!

Creating a video game company in France

Every year, the SNJV (The National Syndicate for Video-Games) publishes a study analyzing the evolutions of the videogame industry in France. Their latest report, analyzing the data for 2017, really only show one possible conclusion: this industry is booming in France.

Indeed, not only did the number of videogames in development in the country go up by 20% between 2016 and 2017, but the overall sales revenue of videogame companies grew by 50% in the last year!

It’s no surprise, then, that 88% of companies are confident in the future of the industry. This is all the more impressive that only 45% stated they were back in 2014! Of course, this could simply be due to the growth of the videogame market in the entire world. However, three-quarters of companies did state that France in particular was very attractive when it comes to videogames, because of how productive the teams are, how good the formations are, and the fact that the state’s new policies grant subsidies to videogame companies.

In short, if you were planning on creating a video-game company, then doing it now and doing it in France might not be a bad idea!