How to get tax incentives when setting up an innovative company?

If you are planning to set up a start up in France, the French government has created an incentive program for innovative companies. This status is called ” jeune entreprise innovante (JEI)  – young innovative enterprise” and it gives you a lot of of tax and social exemptions to SMEs which incur research and development […]

Transforming your Limited company SARL into a SA

Why doing that? A société anonyme (SA) has a great deal of flexibility in terms of financing: it can make a public offering and issue various securities on the market. It may therefore be wise for a limited liability company (SARL), whose rapidly expanding business requires substantial capital, to transform into a limited company. And […]

Directors of a French company: What are the rules?

There are no restrictions or provision of nationality nor residency for directors, shareholders and legal representative. Nominee directors service is not provided in France, more information HERE.

SIREN-SIRET what it is?

When you set up a company in France, you will get a registration certificate (called KBis) issued by the court of Chamber of Commerce. Each certificate has a 9 -digit number which is your company ID and this ID is also called SIREN. The SIRET is a SIREN + 5 digits. The SIRET is the […]

Liaison Office in France, what can I do with it?

A liaison office (bureau de liaison) is basically a business address that you can use for your marketing activities. You can use this address on your business cards and websites, as well as use it for your customer meetings in Paris. You do not need to rent a permanent office, a registered business address is enough. […]

Do I need notarized or apostilled documents:

The final due diligence documents cannot be provided until our legal team analyse your project. Nevertheless, notarized documents and apostilles are only required for branches and subsidiaries.

Capital of the French company: can I pay cash?

The capital of the company cannot be paid by cash. It has to come from each shareholder personal bank account. If the shareholder is a company (subsidiary case), the capital has to come from the mother company bank account. The origin of the funds has to be confirmed in order for the bank to certify […]

What are the minimun recurring costs to run a company in France

This will of course depend on the nature of your business and activity levels but we can give you budget ranges assuming: no employees in France limited number of transactions (invoices) no permanent offices activity related costs not included (ie: marketing expenses, operations expenses) Budget for administrative costs: Book keeping / VAT and annual reports […]

Brexit: Top 10 reasons why you should start/expand your business to France, now!

Brexit: Top 10 reasons to start YOUR business in France now. Defeat the Brexit: stay in Europe, the world’s largest economy with more than 500 million consumers. Avoid the Brexit risks of possible restrictions on the free movement of goods and services but also capital (taxes) and individuals (Visa) within the EU. Registering your company in France […]