Bank Account

Starting a business in France means opening a business bank account in France.

At CompaNow, we understand that opening a bank account could be long and difficult for you therefore we have developed partnerships with banks ready to help entrepreneurs worldwide to develop their activities in France. Each client profile is different and our job is to find the right bank for you!


How can I make sure that my bank account will be opened?
This is a frequent asked question and a concern for many of our customers. Our Compamium package includes a money back guarantee if we fail to open your business bank account, we will reimburse you 100% of our fees.


Which banks are you working with?
The partner banks list is not provided to our prospects. As soon as we start to contact banks for eligibility checks of our clients, we will give you the bank name willing to open your company bank account. All of our partner banks have all agreements to operate in France.


When do I need to open the company bank account?
If you ask us to find a bank for you, we will open the bank account right after the company formation.


Do I need to travel in France to open the bank account?
A lot of banks will require an in-person meeting in France but we also provide banking solutions which allow you to subscribe online for a company bank account.


What is a bank KYC?
The ultimate decision to open a bank account is made by the bank, not by us.
It is called KYC (Know Your Customers) and the bank will check for instance identity of all shareholders (persons or companies for subsidiaries).


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