By-Laws: how to define the corporate object of your company in France?

Defining your company’s corporate object

In France, a company cannot exist without by-laws. And since the corporate object is defined in these by-laws, if it is not defined correctly, you won’t be able to launch your company at all!
As such, it’s worth examining how to go about defining your corporate object.

What exactly is a corporate object?

A corporate is basically a list of activities your company does, or might do. As such, while it’s possible that your company might not perform every single activity listed in its corporate object, it cannot do something that wasn’t previously defined.

How should I write my corporate object?

Writing a corporate object can be surprisingly tricky.

Indeed, you don’t want your corporate object to be too restrictive: if your company ever expands, you might have to modify your by-laws, which takes up both time and money. It’s also better to not have a corporate object that can end.
For example, if you simply write: “creating a certain product”, then your company would theoretically have to disappear when you’ve finished creating it. Instead, you should write “creating, producing and selling” this product.

However, it’s also not possible to have your corporate object be too large either! Otherwise, it’s possible that your by-laws might be refused by the Registering Service when you submit them!

Of course, the corporate object of your company also cannot be an illegal activity, but that should be obvious.

To comply with all these regulations, it might also be worth requesting the help of a professional when writing your by-laws!