How to create a company in France in 8 steps

Starting your company in steps

The 8 steps to starting your French company

1 – Finding an idea

Starting a company always starts by finding an idea. Whether it’s a complete innovation or just a slight variation of an existing product, it will only be successful if it’s put in place methodically, though.

12 tips to find an idea for a company


2 – Making a market study

The Market study is the step that will allow you to define your future activity more precisely. In particular, you should pay attention to competition, potential clients, suppliers, and regulation.

How to make a market study


3 – Making a Business plan

The business plan is one of the most important steps: it will be a guideline for your company, and make you appear more trustworthy when you try to find some funds.

Making the right business strategy


4 – Finding some funds

Obviously, you’re not going to go very far if you have no money to push your project forward!

All the ways to fund a business in France


5 – Getting state subsidies for company creation

There are actually quite a few subsidies you could use when creating a company in France!

Subsidies and tax credits for company creators in France


6 – Choosing a company type, or legal status, for your company

This step can be tricky for those not used to the differences between French company types. As such, here’s a table summarizing all French company types.


7 – Choosing a business address for your company

This is actually a very important step! Every company needs a business address in France, and you have many options available to you!

How to choose your business address in France


8 – Dealing with the paperwork to create your company

Once you’re ready to create a company, you still have to actually create it. The paperwork here can be very confusing, especially since it often depends on many factors. As such, having professionals help you through this step is probably a good idea.


After that, all that’s left is to get your activity going!


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